Shoe Of The Moment: Woven Ankle Boot By Zara

I love a good shoe but I love it even more when it’s on sale for half the price! Right now all the major online shops are cleaning out their shelves and Zara, one of my favourite retailers, has its entire summer stock on sale. Woo hoo!

One shoe I know you would love to have in your closet and on your foot is the woven ankle boot. It has a 10.6 cm heel and is made from polyester and multi-colour polyurethane that’s fashioned into a basket weave design giving it a tribal feeling. What makes this shoe even more attractive is its price tag… down from $99.90 it’s now on sale for $49.99 – you can’t say no to it at that price! Pair with black leather shorts or an asymmetrical skirt in a bright colour and you’ll be a smash at any summer party. Buy online.


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Footwear In The News: DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse Comes To Canada


Ladies and gents there’s a new shoe shop in town! American retailer DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse is opening two stores in Canada at Heartland Centre in Mississauga and Woodland Hills in Newmarket, Ontario, on August 7th where you’ll be inundated with wall to wall shoe selections that will make your head spin – in a good way.  Continue reading

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Shoe Of The Moment: Riley By Senso

Sometimes the best shoe discoveries can be found not in a shop or online, but on the feet of your überly stylish friends. And here’s a prime example…

I was hanging with blogger bestie Gracie Caroll - who has killer fashion sense – a few weekends ago and as we were leaving her house she slid her feet into a pair of shoes that made my jaw drop to the floor. I said “Where did you get those shoes?!” She told me that were by an Australian brand called Senso and said they were “super comfortable.” I was instantly sold and the moment I got home I proceeded to research the brand and shoe like a mad scientist.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Senso has been in operation since 2009 and pays close attention to producing footwear for women that are stylish and, most importantly, comfortable. The Riley is composed of leather and dyed pony hair; it has a thick 3.7 inch block heel and ties at the ankle.

After I wrote about this shoe debacle last week I committed myself to buying the Riley no matter what. Canadian shop Sauvage has the shoe on sale for $199 which I bought (insert image of me doing a happy dance). However, if you’re located outside of the Great White North then you can buy it online. Happy shoe shopping!


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Shoe Of The Moment: Minnie Bootie By House Of Harlow 1960

I have a shoe guy. Actually, I have two shoe guys and their names are Dale and Mike and both work at Hudson’s Bay store on Queen Street in Toronto, one of my favourite shoe shops in Canada. Dale and Mike know me by name and can pick out shoes for me like how Paul the Octopus could predict winning teams for the World Cup.

About a month ago I swung by the store and Mike was working. We caught up for a bit and then he said these magic words, “Kimberly, I have a shoe for you! The moment it came in I thought of you.” Said shoe was an open-toe bootie called the Minnie by House of Harlow 1960. It was beautiful but I wasn’t keen on spending $200+ dollars on another shoe especially when I purchased a new pair a few weeks ago. So, to prevent myself from crumbling like the Berlin Wall and making an impulse purchase I stayed five feet away from this bootie and went home shoeless, but the image of the patterned lizard effect shoe was seared into my memory.

Fast forward to present day, the Minnie is now on sale at and when I went online to purchase it guess what? My size was unavailable. NNNOOO! Don’t you hate when this type of situation happens?! Of course, as fate would have it, the Minnie is available for purchase on other online stores like Shopbop and Zappos in my size but for full price. Doh (slaps hand to fore head)!

Lesson of the day folks – when you see a shoe that imprints itself on your memory, don’t wait like me, buy it immediately. Buy online.


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Where In The Shoe Have I Been?!


You may have noticed that lately I’ve been inconsistent with posting new entries on this blog. Over the past several months, I’ve been busy writing my heart out for several websites building up my portfolio of published works. In the process of writing brilliant pieces and conjuring up mind blowing articles for other people, my brain and carpal tunnel sore hands/forearms have been working overtime. So, by the time I get to the blog my creative fuel gage is pointing to E for empty.  Continue reading

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Shoe Of The Moment: White Oxford Brogue By Jil Sander

Including today, I noticed that my last three blog posts have featured images of white shoes and it makes me think that the footwear gods are trying to tell me something; for example, you need to buy a new pair of white shoes. And if that’s that message I’m getting from the Gods then who am I to deny them!

I came across this white oxford brogue by Jil Sander and thought “Hm… this is an interesting piece.” At first, you may not think it an outstanding shoe but take a closer look; it’s made from beautiful, supple leather and has metal detailing in the form eyelet-type holes along the vamp which adds visual interest to another otherwise plain white shoe. It makes the perfect alternative to wearing a black flat, especially in the summer time when all you want to do is be outside and enjoy the sun. Buy online.


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Footwear in the News: Angelina Jolie Wears Custom Maleficent Louboutin Shoes

2016-06-11 FootwearInTheNewsMaleficentShoes 02

I don’t have a lot of celebrity crushes, but if there is one Hollywood star who would render me speechless and cause me to give up the shoes on my feet and walk across the Sahara desert barefoot it would be Angelina Jolie.

I’ve been a major fan girl of Jolie’s for years and in my fantasy world she and I are BFFs. So, when it was announced that she would play the evil villain in the movie Maleficent I just about died – in the figuratively good way of course.  Continue reading

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Shoe Of The Moment: High Top Sneaker by Giuseppe Zanotti

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day and, no surprise, it centered around shoes. It went something like this…

Me: You know, I rarely wear heels these days. The only time you’ll see me in a pair of really high shoes is when I’m going out to an event otherwise I’m in flats.

Friend: Me too! I mostly wear flats and runners.

Me: F*** man, we’re getting old.

Friend: Yeah, definitely.

There you have it folks, all those blog posts that featured running shoes for the past several months is a sign that I’m ageing like a B-list Hollywood actress. And while I have no desire to inject my face with botox I will, however, keep purchasing comfortable footwear like this Giuseppe Zanotti sneaker. Sold exclusively on you can’t go wrong with this stunning black and white piece. It’s crafted from white leather and the black zippers and detailing make it perfect to pair with anything from a skirt to dress or pants. Maybe getting old and wearing footwear like this isn’t so bad after all! Buy online.

2014-06-06 GIUSEPPE-ZANOTTI-640px

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Thank You For Supporting The Second #BloggerBazaarTO


In case you weren’t aware fashion bloggers take our shopping very seriously and because of that we accumulate an Everest size mountain of clothes, shoes and accessories. However, after a while, said mountain becomes an almost unsurmountable obstacle when trying to add more stylish pieces to our wardrobe because, really, a closet can only hold so much.  Continue reading

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Shoe of the Moment: Loeffler Randall Animal Maisy Cutout Sandal

If there is one type of shoe that is missing from my closet of goodies it’s a nude sandal. I had a pair by Sacha London that I bought years ago and wore them until they started to break apart. They were the perfect shoe; a pair of nude leather wedge sandals with raffia detailing on the heel, they were so comfortable that I wore them everywhere. Sadly, I had to toss this gem into the trash last winter and ever since I’ve been on the hunt for a new pair – I’m sure you can understand the feeling.

I’ve searched high and low for a new pair of nude sandals to replace my beloved Sacha London wedges but left stores empty handed. Then it occurred to me, maybe I should look for something in a completely different style; so, I found this little number by Loeffler Randall. It has the look and feel of a bootie but the cuts and zebra print, calf hair ankle straps makes it so interesting and drool worthy. Buy online.

2014-05-30 Loeffler Randall

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