Footwear in the News: Renowned Footwear Executive Vince Caumto Has Died


I get a lot of my news from scrolling through my Facebook timeline; the great one stop shop for all new and interesting things to know online. Besides hard news articles which appear most things I read are time wasters that distract from completing my to-do list. However, there are the moments when instead of mindlessly scrolling down the page you encounter news that takes you by surprise and prompts you to click on an article to find out more details. That happened to me a few days ago when I found out that renowned footwear executive Vince Camuto had passed away.  Continue reading

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Footwear in the News: 12 Shoes to Buy Based on Your Zodiac Sign

My current daytime gig, which you may not already know about, is that I’m a freelance writer for several of the country’s top fashion and lifestyle websites. I often get the chance to pen fun and creative pieces on fashion, fitness, travel and, of course, shoes.

I recently wrote an article for StyleList Canada which I’m sure you and your feet will love; it’s called 12 Gorgeous Shoes Based Your Zodiac Signbecause if you’re not sure what your first pair of shoes should be for 2015 then the stars will know. Enjoy!


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Shoe of the Moment: Legia Sandal by Jimmy Choo

It’s a new year and therefore we need new shoes. And ladies, if you’re going to start 2015 with a bang it better be with a show stopping shoe right? Right! May I present to you the Legia sandal by Jimmy Choo.

This high heel beauty will stop traffic in all directions, during rush hour, in a heartbeat with its strappy design which criss-crosses up and around the foot. The generous hand-knotted metallic leather straps in silver and gold at the toe adds major glamour and makes the perfect colour contrast to the beige suede composition of this shoe. Can you resist this heart-stopping creation by Choo? Nope, neither can I. Buy online.


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6 Best Shoe Picks of 2014


Hello shoe lovers! It’s been a few weeks since you’ve heard from me – bad, I know – but once the holidays arrived I needed a blog detox. I turned into Betty Crocker and baked enough cookies to feed an army (see my Instagram pics); took up running in the dead of winter – crazy, I know; binged watched Mind of a Chef on Netflix and spent time with my family. Yes, it was a good holiday and I hope yours was as equally satisfying.  Continue reading

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Must-Have Shoe for 2015 + Win a $200 Gift Card

2014-12-22-SHOEmeGiveawayImage01There are a few days left in 2014 and it amazes me how the year has flown by. Naturally, it’s a time for reflection, giving thanks and, of course, creating New Year’s resolutions. For some, that means hitting the gym like a ton of bricks, others will commit themselves to eating healthy, take up a new hobby or make smarter financial decisions like refrain from shopping – yah, sure.  Continue reading

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Shoe of the Moment: Metallic Oxford by Reed Krakoff

There are shoes and then, there are SHOES. How can you tell the difference between footwear that elicits a “Meh” from a “Holy cow I need you in my life” reaction? It has to do with design and creativity. You can find a pair of black pumps any and everywhere, but it’s when a swathe of colour or chain details are added to said pumps that will take it from ordinary to extraordinary.

For example, oxfords are one of the most popular flat shoe styles being worn these days. The ones I usually see are pretty plain and basic, but not anymore. I recently discovered this bad boy creation by Reed Krakoff on The September and the ground beneath my feet shifted. Just look at them!

From the front they look like sensible and practical shoes; however, from the back it’s a whole other story. The American designer combines nude patent leather with metallic rose gold creating the “Holy cow I need you in my life” reaction, as well as thoughts of “My credit card take a big hit this close to the holidays. Right? Yes, of course it can!” Buy online.


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4 Must-Have Shoes for the Most Wonderful Time of the Year


December is the season to be jolly and to buy shoes, lots of shoes. However, with so many things happening this time of year and shoes to select where do you start and what do you buy? I got the hook-up and selected four fantastic shoes from that will cover all of your holiday needs and make you do a little dance in your heels. Take a look and get ready to shop.  Continue reading

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Shoe of the Moment: Nike Air Zoom Structure 18 by Nike


This week I did something I haven’t done in a very long time, I went for a run for the first time in years. Those of you who follow me on Twitter and Instagram know I’m very much into my yoga and have recently taken up ballet. Being healthy and in shape is important to me; however, the one physical activity I haven’t been very good at keeping up with is going to the gym. I haven’t been in months and feel like my membership (and the money to pay for it) is wasting away.  Continue reading

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Footwear in the News: Solange Knowles’s PUMA Collection is Wild and Bazaar


Within the past year my shoe obsession has expanded to include sneakers; it started with the proliferation of the slip-on sneakers and from then on it was all downhill. So naturally, when I heard that Solange Knowles, one of my favourite artists, was dropping her second collection for German brand PUMA I had to take a look.  Continue reading

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Shoe of the Moment: Jamie Bow Pump by Club Monaco

Club Monaco carries shoes! Yes ladies, I was surprised as you were when I happened to click over to their website in the attempts to find a sweater on sale and saw the category listed in their dropdown menu; how did I not know this before is an enigma. When I clicked on “Shoes” I was pleasantly surprised at the selection of Italian leather footwear laid out on my computer screen, but one heeled wonder caught my eye and that is the Jamie Bow Pump.

The design is classic, a standard pump with a gently sloping arch and a manageable four inch heel; that is until you hit 5:00 p.m. after wearing them for eight hours. What makes this beauty stand out is the subtle, yet edgy, lizard effect texture on the outer combined with the lady-like grosgrain bow. It can be worn with anything from jeans to dresses and, if you dare, jogging pants for the comfy chic look. Buy online.


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