5:00 a.m. Footwear for Nike’s NTC Fitness Class


Few things will get me up and out of bed at 5:00 a.m. in the morning. Actually, I can count on one hand what will; a designer sample sale, a trip to a tropical country, a yoga class and an intense pre-dawn workout with Nike.

Last month, I committed to the latter and took part in one of Nike’s legendary Nike Training Club (NTC) workout classes. The NTC classes are based on the company’s Nike + Training Club mobile app, which provides full body workouts for users. The app offers more than 100 exercises that are designed by Nike Master Trainers (think of a cross between an iron man and Olympian) and pro-athletes, ranging in length from 15-45 minutes, so you can get fit anywhere and on your own time. 


A few days prior to the pre-dawn NTC class, I wondered what would be the most appropriate shoes to wear to the workout – shoeaholics know how to prioritize. Luckily, Nike sent me a pair of their new Nike Free TR 5 FlyKnit sneakers to wear for the occasion.

These sneakers are really light, I mean REALLY light, to the point its feels like a second skin. The Nike Free TR 5 FlyKnit is designed with an ultra-lightweight knit material which is flexible, moulds to your feet but also gives it room to breathe. The foam support cradles the heel and cable-like laces lock your foot into place, plus they look really cute.


I got up at 5:00 a.m. to work up a sweat with the Nike crew who coincidently coined the NTC class experience “Sweat While You Sleep,” where ladies can get their exercise in and be done before dawn.

Initially, I thought the NTC class was going to be a casual get together of women to work up a sweat. You know, girl bonding stuff. Boy was I wrong! Nike brought in nine Nike Master Trainers from across North America for the big event. Each Master Trainer took turns leading the group class (approximately 60-70 women) in various drills and partner workout such as squats, lunges, push-ups and planks that nearly had us cry “Uncle!” My thighs and butt was sore for days afterward.


Wondering if my new running shoes held up to the grueling, yet rewarding, sweat to death workout experience? Yes they did, thank goodness! If they didn’t feel light as a feather I’d probably be a puddle of sweat on the ground.

By the way, Nike’s NTC classes are free. Yes free and are way better than any old group fit class offered at your local gym. If you live in the Toronto area go to Nike Toronto’s city page to sign up and get more details: nike.com/toronto.

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