6 Best Shoe Picks of 2014


Hello shoe lovers! It’s been a few weeks since you’ve heard from me – bad, I know – but once the holidays arrived I needed a blog detox. I turned into Betty Crocker and baked enough cookies to feed an army (see my Instagram pics); took up running in the dead of winter – crazy, I know; binged watched Mind of a Chef on Netflix and spent time with my family. Yes, it was a good holiday and I hope yours was as equally satisfying. 

Since this is my first entry of the new year, I can’t think of a better way to start things off than reflecting on some of my favourite shoe picks of 2014. Looking back, I was completely obsessed with sneakers, but how could you not blame me? Brands made everyone want to throw their heels in the air like they just didn’t care; colourful and graphic prints, game changing silhouettes and wearing a shoe that is comfortable were totally irresistible.

Of course, I couldn’t help but throw in a pair of heels into this year-end review and when you feast your eyes on these bad boy creations you’ll understand. Check out my favourite footwear selects of 2014 below and enjoy!


  1. Mother of Pearl and Jim Lambie Sneaker – it’s nearly a year since I discovered this stunning sneaker by British brand Mother of Pearl and visual artist Jim Lambie, and it still makes my heart go pitter-patter. The contrasting combination of the feminine cherry blossom print with the bold black stripes is brilliant. To this very day I regret to not charging this dream-like creation to by credit card. Hashtag #ShoeRegrets.
  2. Fruit Sneaker by Mother of Pearl – 2014 was definitely the year Mother of Pearl killed the fashion sneaker category. Not only did I include them once but twice! And it was for a similar design. F not only stands for “fruit” but it also stands for “fun,” and this citrus-inspired slip-on sneaker captured the essence of the two words.
  3. Lola Wedge by Sophia Webster – there’s no way I could leave one of my favourite shoe designers off this list. The Lola wedge, by Sophia Webster, is a high heel brought down from heaven and deserves to be worshipped like the godly creation it is.
  4. Sully Wong x Amanda Lew Kee SWALK-HI Sneaker – if you want something a little more street then the SWALK-HI sneaker is just what the doctored ordered. A collaboration between Sully Wong and women’s wear designer Amanda Lew Kee, it tops my list as was one of the slickest shoe designs of the year. Can you dig it? Yes, you can.
  5. Nike Zoom Structure 18 – if I didn’t take up running this winter I would have never come across Nike’s Zoom Structure 18 and that, my dears, would have been a tragedy. Just look at the bold design, amalgamation of pink, black, orange and turquoise!
  6. Metallic Oxford by Reed Krakoff – last but certainly not least is this number by Reed Krakoff. Ever since he left his position as Executive Creative Director at Coach in 2013 he has been turning heads with his jaw-dropping wares. Words cannot suffice to describe the feelings that this two-tone, metallic oxford stirs inside of me.
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