Big Sound & Timeless Style with Sony’s Premium Headphones

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When I think of headphones the first thing which comes to mind are a pair of old school ones my dad owned in the 80s. They produced big sound but were heavy and messed up my hair like nobody’s business; definitely not compatible with my burgeoning fashion tendencies and newly pierce ears. Ouch! 

This early experience propelled me to make earbuds my choice of musical headgear, whether I’m shopping for a new pair of shoes or relaxing at home saturating myself in Beyoncé’s vocals. However, recently, Sony asked if I would give its premium headphones, the MDR1R, a try and since I’m always up for something new I said yes and a few days later a sleek black box appeared on my door step with said device.

I browsed through the MDR1R’s technical specifications – liquid crystal polymer diaphragm, inward axis structure and beat response control – it all sounded and read like Latin to me. So, I turned to a DJ friend who happens to be an audiophile to get his take on it. Having minimal knowledge of headphones I asked him “What do you think?” His response was, appropriately, sound effects of oohs and aahs at the device and, of course, the sound quality it produced. We compared the MDR1R to several other headphones he owns to hear the difference – DJs know best – and ended up switching back and forth between devices like giddy school kids for several music filled minutes, it was quite funny actually.


The MDR1R looks heavy but it’s actually quite light thanks to its sleek and streamlined design. The faux leather padding makes for a comfortable fit around the ears sealing in the sound, which is clear like a pair of Swarovski earrings; a big step up from those ear bud contraptions I’ve used. Plus, when I took off the MDR1R my hair stayed in place and ears didn’t hurt – bonus!

While these premium headphones from Sony may not come in a multitude of colours like Beats by Dre it is does deliver high quality and crystal clear sound. If you’re looking to make a fashion statement out of these babies then know that its colours (black and silver) make for a timeless and understated choice. I recently took them to the beach, paired them with cut-off jean shorts, a crop top and my favourite silver hoop earrings and bam! A stylish yet technically enhanced fashion staple has become part of my wardrobe. Buy online.

**This post was sponsored by Sony Canada**

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