8 Reasons Why I Love Dutch Designers Viktor & Rolf

When the invitation to meet Dutch design duo Viktor & Rolf, inside The Room at Hudson’s Bay Queen Street, landed in my inbox I nearly lost my mind in the office. I made such a racket at my desk saying “Oh my God” over and over again that my colleagues thought a terrible tragedy had befallen on me; they were so wrong. Little did they know that the most respected and highly celebrated designers in fashion would be touching down in Toronto and for someone, like me, who has been an admirer of their works for years it’s a big deal.

Why do I love Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren so much? Below are eight reasons.

1. Introducing the “World Round Web”

Viktor & Rolf recently redesigned their website to coincide with the presentation of their fall/winter 2013 collection. Always thinking outside of the box they’re reshaping notions of how to present fashion, art and the online experience by renaming it to the “World Round Web” – I guess circles are their thing.

2013-04-10 ViktorRolfWorldRoundWeb

2. They make ball gowns with holes look good!

No, these dresses haven’t been attacked by gigantic moths but by the Dutch designers with a chainsaw in hand. For the spring/summer 2010 ready-to-wear (RTW) collection ball gowns were sliced and diced in half, sometimes on a steep angle or with gaping holes to symbolize the economic credit crisis.

Viktor & Rolf, Spring/Summer 2010

3. They know how to dream big

This look is from Viktor & Rolf’s fall/winter 2008 collection and doesn’t need any explanation – dream big, really big.

Viktor & Rolf, Fall/Winter 2008
Viktor & Rolf, Fall/Winter 2008

4. Boards + Wet Suits = Surfs Up!

They’re fashion designers who cut ball gowns in half and surf; their cool factor is off the charts in my book.

2013-04-10 ViktorRolfSurfing02

5. Layers upon layers

Their models never lack for clothing when coming down the runway.

2013-04-10-ViktorRolf-FW2010 02
Viktor & Rolf, Fall/Winter 2010

6. Viktor & Rolf design hot shoes

I’m all over these back-studded wedge heels from their spring/summer 2013 collection.

Viktor & Rolf, Spring/Summer 2013
Viktor & Rolf, Spring/Summer 2013

7. They wear really cool matching suits

When they launched their first menswear line they took a bow during the show’s finale wearing matching suits. How cute!


8. It’s my birthday! 

Viktor & Rolf will be coming to Toronto on April 16th; they must have known it was my birthday that day! I’m making it my mission to get them to sing happy birthday to me, but realistically a picture and engaging in lively conversation with them will be more likely – a girl can dream though.


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