Shoe of the moment: Picasso slippers by Nicholas Kirkwood

Lately I’ve been obsessing over Nicholas Kirkwood’s shoes, particularly his collection for fall/winter 2012. If you visit his website you’ll see that he develops dozens of designs and in this season alone it is well over 50 styles.

I always find it fascinating how he can dream up of so many designs just for one season alone, which is why I couldn’t resist writing about this pair of dainty floral mesh sandals by him two weeks ago and for the first time in many months I’m featuring a pair of flats for today’s Shoe of the Moment by, of course, Kirkwood.

Shoe specifications:

  • Outer, leather
  • Colour, white
  • Heel height, N/A

Why I chose this shoe: I can’t think of a better person to be inspired by than Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. Designed with a split cubism face in leather on one half and boucle fabric on the other, these flats makes quite a statement.

Last night I check the price of these fanciful shoes on Far and they retailed for a mere $USD540 (gulp!), but as of this morning they were sold out. Oh well… sometimes it’s better to look and dream about a pair of shoes that will never be in your closet versus the reality of them showing up on your credit card statement.

Image from Far Fetch

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