Footwear in the News: January 25, 2012

At one point I steadily posted a series of blog entries called, Fashion in the News where I would collect articles that caught my attention and what I thought would make for an interesting read. The last Fashion in the News post was back in July 2011 which means I’ve been a bad blogger – oops!

For 2012 I want to switch things up and instead of gathering general fashion articles I want to turn my focus more towards shoes, after all this is mainly a footwear blog. These new entries will be simply titled, Footwear in the News and I aim to publish these posts at least once a month. Read on and enjoy!

How I’m Making It: Rem D Koolhaas, Creative Director of United Nude (Fashionista) – “”In terms of design aesthetic, the brand (United Nude) has become known for producing conceptual, innovative designs that probably wouldn’t be possible without Koolhaas’ architecture background. In a way, he told us, his lack of accessory design training was an advantage.”


Rem D Koolhaus, Founder and Creative Director, United Nude

How Crocs Moved from Fashion Trend to $1 Billion Phenom (Forbes) – “The company whose fugly footwear has been the foundation of its business just announced it expects its full-year revenue to exceed $1 billion for the first time in its 10-year history.”

Little Red (Litigious) Shoes (New York Times) – “Last summer a federal court denied Louboutin’s request that YSL be stopped from selling its red shoes… Now, the shoedown escalates to the appeals court.”

20 waiting list worthy shoes for spring 2012 (Telegraph UK) – a listing of 20 must have shoes for spring 2012, break out the bank loan.


Worker stitching L.L. Bean duck boots in factory 

L.L. Bean boot gets a kick from retro trend (USA Today) – “L.L Bean’s familiar duck boot with leather uppers and rubber soles — designed for slogging through mud and snow — has become something of a fashion statement owing to its newfound popularity on college campuses, the company says.”

Indonesians Protest With Flip-Flops (Wall Street Journal) – “Indonesians have dropped thousands of old flip-flops and other footwear at police stations and a child protection group to protest the heavy-handed treatment of a 15-year-old boy accused of stealing a policeman’s sandals in the northern state of Central Sulawesi.”

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